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Patriotic Ropes
These amazing ropes start off as three ropes, but end up as one long rope!

Invisible Deck
Magically make a selected card appear upside down!

Scotch and Soda
One of the world’s most popular coin tricks!

Knockout Deck    
A great trick deck. Versatile and stunning!

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The Svengali Deck
The Invisible Deck
Rising Card Deck
Scotch and Soda
Hopping Halves
Lethal Tender
Coin Tricks
Magic At The Edge
Beginner Magic
The Coin Slide
The Imp Bottle
Color Changing Hanky

Stewart: Color Fusion
“We just got this one in and it is great! A real head turner, and great for the sleight of hand crowd.”

Tom: Scotch & Soda
“It is a great looking magic trick that is really easy to learn.”

Melissa E: The Fart-toon Deck
“A trick that gets a great reaction every time. Plus, it makes me laugh.”

Mo: The Magic Matchbox
“It’s great for beginner magicians.”

Melissa K: The Triumph Deck
“There are a ton of tricks you can do with this deck. I really like the versatility of it!”

Brian: My ideal vacation
“One of the best mind reading tricks around. Great for beginner mentalists!”
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The Magic Bug

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Color Changing Knives